Our enhanced EOL service

As part of the core service offer, the Immedicare clinical team supports care home staff to give excellent care, enabling residents in their last days and weeks of life to receive high quality, evidence based, end of life care in the place of their choosing.

Clinical assessments

Medication reviews

Staff support

Clinical support

Key service features

Immedicare offers 24/7 clinical assessment and support for residents approaching the end of their life to reduce unnecessary attendance at ED and acute admission.

Review of resident’s medication, nutrition and hydration needs by our Immedicare clinical assessors and pharmacists when required.

To provide a high standard of service we collaborate with local PCNs and hospices to support effective end of life pathways. We also provide virtual training and development for staff in best practice at the end of life.

Want to find out more?

Immedicare provides seven services that benefit care homes, GP practices, Primary Care Networks, Integrated Care Partnerships, Boards and systems. Our cost-effective health and care solutions reduce pressure on resources and help shape future services. We’re here for you – find out how we can help you improve the lives of those living and working in your area.