Our core skills service

Helping to Develop Your Local Care Home Workforce

Specialist nurses, therapists, doctors and other healthcare-related professionals deliver core skills training to staff as part of on-going and continuing professional development (CPD) but it is increasingly difficult for staff to attend these sessions due to having to travel or being unable to access study time due to frontline pressures.

1,092 staff working in care homes accessed training to enhance skills and knowledge.

The ability to access core skills training remotely, delivered by skilled professionals cannot be underestimated. Immedicare offers core skills programmes that can be accessed by staff at all levels. Our online core skills courses allow for a broad reach for the trainers and no necessity for them to travel to the different locations to deliver the session.

RESTORE2 and soft signs (preventing deterioration)
Falls prevention
Dementia care
Catheter care
Leg and foot Ulcers
Medication Support
MSK injuries
Top to Toe Assessments

Key service features

Immedicare provides monthly training sessions for registered and non-registered practitioners in RESTORE2 and soft signs (preventing deterioration), Falls Prevention, Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia, Catheter Care, Leg and Foot Ulcers, Diabetes, Medication Issues, Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Verification of Expected Death, MUST, Nutrition and Hydration, React to Red, Musculo-Skeletal Injuries (MSK) and Top to Toe Assessments. 

Any concerns from staff were soon put aside following the professional support and training provided by Immedicare

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