Our falls service

Today around 4,500 residents in England will suffer a fall in a care home. It is the number one cause of residents attending the Emergency Department and the prevention of falls needs urgent attention.

Current protocols in many care homes direct carers to contact 111 or 999 following a fall and this frequently results in residents being conveyed to hospital. In order to alter this cycle then carers need to be offered a safe, alternative, post fall care pathway which is where Immedicare can help.

79% of residents required no onward referral following a fall.

0 %

of residents stay in their home post-fall when being assessed through Immedicare

Key service features

Immedicare provides care homes with remote access to a clinical Hub that is staffed by registered practitioners, enabling non-registered care home staff to be supervised remotely and supported to carry out tasks and care that may have previously been the realm of registered practitioners.

Assessments of residents who have fallen and the development of a falls risk assessment and prevention plan can be carried out remotely. By releasing this time, registered nurses and therapists in community settings are able to deliver more specialist care to those people who require skilled nursing and therapeutic interventions, whilst being assured that non–registered staff in care homes continue to receive supervision from registered colleagues virtually.

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Immedicare provides seven services that benefit Care Homes, GP Practices, Primary Care Networks, Integrated Care Partnerships, Boards and systems. Our cost-effective health and care solutions reduce pressure on resources and help shape future services. We’re here for you – find out how we can help you improve the lives of those living and working in your area.