Our services overview

Immedicare service supports care homes 365 days a year providing 24/7 access to virtual clinical assessment, virtual clinical supervision, virtual training and safe supportive care delivered from our dedicated Digital Care Hub.

The NHS clinical assessor in the Digital Care Hub carries out the remote consultation utilising our secure video technology and the local electronic patient record to determine whether a GP visit is required, a hospital admission is needed, or whether the case can be dealt with by the Immedicare clinical team remotely, or the community team locally.

The Immedicare service is incredibly effective at reducing pressure on local NHS services, with data showing that over 90% of residents are able to remain in the care home setting following contact with the Digital Care Hub, and more than 60% do not require a local referral.

Care home staff are encouraged to default all calls to the Digital Care Hub for triage, freeing up GP practice staff, community response teams and social care staff for work that requires hands on or face to face interactions.

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Key service features

We offer care homes 24/7 access to NHS clinical support delivered directly from our Digital Care Hub using highly secure video conferencing technology.

Our Digital Care Hub has full SystmOne <> EMIS interoperability and our clinicians can view the resident’s local GP record during consultations.

We co-develop a comprehensive local directory of services to support the operation of the service in your area.

Want to find out more?

Immedicare provides seven services that benefit care homes, GP practices, Primary Care Networks, Integrated Care Partnerships, Boards and systems. Our cost-effective health and care solutions reduce pressure on resources and help shape future services. We’re here for you – find out how we can help you improve the lives of those living and working in your area.