Immedicare is a clinical and technology partnership between Airedale NHS Foundation Trust (ANHSFT) and Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd (Involve).

This Privacy Notice explains how Immedicare uses any information we collect in a lawful, fair and transparent manner, in line with UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR).

Service provided

We provide secure video conferencing services to connect care homes directly to a Digital Clinical Care Hub, which is located at Airedale General Hospital in Yorkshire.

The Information we Collect

In order for us to provide you with Immedicare products and services, we collect personal data (information). The information we collect depends on which service you use.


We collect information about you from our website using cookies. For more information on cookies, please see below.

Service Contracts

We collect your information when you purchase our products or services such as name, organisation name, email address, contact telephone numbers, and organisation finance details to fulfil our service contract.

Videoconferencing services

Involve ensures that any videoconferencing transmission over a public network (including the Internet, mobile networks or un-protected enterprise network) or to a mobile device is encrypted during the call. No images and / or data are stored as part of our videoconferencing services, once the call is ended no data is retrievable, their privacy policy can be seen here

Monitoring and Analysis

As part of some service contracts, we monitor your organisations’ use of Immedicare services to provide utilisation reports.

Digital Clinical Care Hub

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust collects and processes personal and clinical information as part of the telemedicine service, their privacy policy can be seen here

Market Research

Immedicare undertakes market research to identify staff members of limited companies, incorporated partnerships, local authorities and government institutions who would benefit from being kept informed as they may require Immedicare products and services.

Booking Portals

To provide our online training portal, we collect name, email address, care home name & location to allow you to access the portal and for us to provide you with a training certificate.

Moodle Cloud Services

In order for Moodle Pty Ltd to provide you with MoodleCloud, they need to collect personal data for correspondence purpose and/or to allow them to provide access to the training portal. Moodle is committed to ensuring that the information collected and used is appropriate for this purpose see .

How we Use & Share your Information

We use your information to:-

· to access and respond to your enquiry in connection with our services.

· To engage in communication with you via multiple channels such as emails, telephone, chat etc.

· to enable us to deliver the requested services

We further use your data

· to contact you to arrange a meeting or to discuss/clarify some elements of your enquiry.

· to engage with you during the course of the provision of Services.

· to share with you promotional information about our services you have expressed an interest in.

· In the course of our service provision your data will be shared with the following 3rd parties with whom data processing agreements are in place:

· Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd

· Moodle Pty Ltd

· We also use a 3rd party – Redcentric PLC – who provide data centre services, internet and HSC connectivity, however, they have no access to any data.

Your Choices and Obligations

We will process (collect, store and use) the information you provide in a manner compatible with United Kingdom data protection law. We will endeavour to keep your information accurate and up-to-date.

Your rights

At any point while we are in the possession of or processing your information, you have the following rights:

To be informed – through the details in this privacy notice

To have access – to request a copy of the information we hold about you (please see below)

To rectification – to correct information about you that is inaccurate or incomplete

To erasure – in certain circumstances, such as when the data is no longer necessary for processing

To restrict processing – where certain conditions apply, for example where you are restricting us from deleting the data, we hold even though we no longer require it.

To object – to object to certain types of processing of your information

Where applicable we will notify the relevant 3rd parties and ensure that your request is carried through.

Other Important Information

Lawful Basis for Processing Your Information

Involve collects and processes your information using one of the following lawful reasons:

Contract obligation – collecting and processing your information is necessary for the preparation or performance of a contract for Immedicare products and services.

If you would like to exercise any of your rights or lodge a complaint, please contact our DPO using the following contact details:

Data Protection Officer contact details

Contact Name: Alison Horsfield

Address: Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd Martin Dawes House Europa Boulevard Warrington WA5 7WH


Tel. No.: 0845 805 3455

Please note that you might be asked to provide some of form of ID to prove your identity.

While we are processing your request, we might contact you to address some clarification or queries that we might have to ensure we provide you with the correct data. While you have the right to your data you do not have the right to other people’s data and Immedicare has the obligation to protect other people’s data.

Should we found ourselves in a position where we have to reject your request, we will provide you with a justification.

If you have any complaints, you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office directly ( However, we would appreciate if you could give us the chance to address your complaint and put it right first.