About Us

Immedicare’s founding partners are Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd.

Our organisations have been instrumental in both the service development and the success of Immedicare over the last decade and it’s our experience of both the public and private sector that has helped us to understand exactly what it takes to deliver telemedicine services successfully to you and your patients.

With our combined teams we can offer you a unique combination of unrivalled clinical expertise, in-depth knowledge of healthcare challenges, and the best technical design, delivery and support available.

Both of these organisations have been involved in pioneering the use of tele-related services with the partnership combining Airedale’s inherent clinical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare landscape, with Involve’s superb service provider network and unparalleled technical and operational experience.

Our wider circle of carefully selected partners are well established as leading players in their respective fields. Their involvement ensures we deliver outstanding clinical services and seamless technology solutions, all with the wider support that underpins world-class healthcare delivery.

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust (ANHSFT) is based at Airedale Hospital and nestles in a rural setting just a few miles from the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  It is an award winning Foundation Trust, providing high quality, personalised, acute, elective and community care for a population of 220,000 from a widespread area covering 700 square miles.


Involve is the UK leader in the creation, design and support of Visual Collaboration systems and services. As real world experts in the use of today’s most potent visual collaboration technologies, we help both public and private organisations across the UK to help accelerate their digital business strategies using “best in class” technologies and proven multi sector expertise.

At Immedicare we’re passionate about the value of telemedicine – to patients, their carers and families, clinical healthcare professionals, service providers and commissioners. In short, we believe that delivering clinical services through the use of telemedicine can offer transformative benefits for everyone involved.