Immedicare has launched its exciting new brand as part of its tenth anniversary. Having recently enhanced its services to include 7 care elements which align with the EHCH framework, the new branding highlights all services care homes have access to, to ensure they maximise the benefits of Immedicare.

In addition to the core online consultation service, which has received over 150,000 calls from care homes in a 4-year period, Immedicare offers highly specialised support in 7 seven areas:

1.         Medicines Optimisation

2.         Falls

3.         Tissue Viability

4.         Core Skills

5.         Enhanced end-of-life care

6.         Nutrition & Hydration

7.         Care Connect

Immedicare, a partnership between Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Involve Visual Collaboration, is working to improve the lives of those living and working in care homes. By enhancing its range of digital services run by NHS clinical teams, they enable care home residents to receive effective consultations that enable them to stay in their homes and not be omitted into hospital.

Falls are the leading cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people. In response to this, Immedicare has developed its falls service to provide remote assessments of residents who have fallen, and the development of a falls risk assessment and prevention plan can also be carried out remotely. This as resulted in 89.5% of residents being able to remain in their home after a fall, instead of a potentially unnecessary trip to A&E.

To provide further value to care homes as part of its service development, Immedicare delivers a training schedule to care home staff, with over 1000 members of staff receiving this training in a 1-year period. This training consists of 15 training courses designed to upskill care home staff so they can provide the best possible outcomes for their residents.

Marie Buchan, Head of Digital Care Hub at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust commented; “We’re proud of our new branding and how it will be used to raise awareness of the enhanced clinical service offerings, knowing how the new care elements will improve the support Immedicare provides to staff and residents in care homes.”

Mick Roach, Director of Digital Healthcare Alliances, Immedicare commented; “We’re excited to launch this new brand which reflects the huge development Immedicare has undergone in the past two years to enhance its services, which improves the lives of those living and working in care homes.”