Immedicare has many years of experience helping NHS organisations to develop whole system responses to local challenges. However, the challenges we currently face are unprecedented and requires our organisation to be even more agile to meet an increased demand in these difficult times.

In response to COVID-19, Immedicare has implemented a remote deployment process, that allows us to mobilise our care home video-based clinical support service, without needing to physically visit the care home sites. As a result of our new remote deployment process, we have been able to extend our service to over 400 additional homes across the country in the past 12 weeks taking our 24/7 virtual assessment service to more than 800 care homes across England.

Immedicare, which provides video access to a multi-disciplinary clinical team and are based within the Digital Hub at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust in West Yorkshire, has become a vital part of the Health and Social care delivery across many regions in the UK. One such region is Bradford district and Craven CCG where 123 care homes are using the telemedicine service to provide 24/7 clinical support to their staff and residents. “Immedicare has stepped up to be a critical part of our  approach to support people with frailty to stay well in the community, with staff working flexibly and selflessly to meet the increased demand” says Walter O’Neill, Head of Commissioning, Community Services at NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG.

Consultant Nurse Rachel Binks who leads the clinical team at Airedale’s Digital Care Hub said:

“The service is delivered via a secure two-way video link, which gives residents and staff immediate, face-to-face access to our team. In real-time, they monitor people on screen and provide advice, assessment and support. Our IT system allows access to full or summary care records to ensure safe and informed clinical decision-making.

Our team is made up of experienced staff that have worked in a wide range of healthcare specialism’s, encompassing care of the elderly, emergency medicine, intensive care, lungs and heart medicine, skin conditions and mental health, including dementia as well as family doctors, hospital consultants and social care workers.”

Immedicare provides enhanced healthcare in care homes with a 24/7/365 virtualised NHS clinical assessment and support service. Immedicare is well positioned to deliver several core elements of the EHCH specification, such as providing same day clinical support that Care Homes often require which helps release GPs and local community teams to focus on other priorities.

NHS England has recommended that primary care services “complete work on implementing digital and video consultations, so that all patients and practices can benefit.” Following requests from a number of our CCG partners, we are currently deploying our care home service in parallel with a virtual consultation solution, that enables video consultations between the local health and social care professionals and the care homes that they support.

We are passionate about the support we are providing to care homes across the country and we hope that our enhanced services will help even more commissioners across the country see the benefits and value that Immedicare can provide them with.

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