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Connecting care homes with their local healthcare services

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Immedicare are proud to announce a new portal, CareConnect, which will connect local GPs, community nursing teams, pharmacists, ambulance services and local hospitals to care homes, allowing them to deliver vital care services virtually.

The Portal which has been developed by Immedicare allows much broader virtual access across integrated health and social care systems in to Care Homes with the Immedicare service. This will allow GPs, Primary Care teams, Community teams, ED and ward teams, District Nurses, Social Care and Safeguarding teams to access all the Care Homes in their locality via a high definition, secure video link.

The CareConnect portal will not only provide direct access to care homes for health and social care professionals but may also be a beneficial link for homes to access local online training resources and those developed and delivered by Immedicare.

CareConnect will be a free of charge service for all homes using the Immedicare telemedicine service, and we hope it will support primary and secondary care givers to deliver healthcare to the elderly during these challenging times.

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CareConnect can connect your local healthcare systems

Our service provides a robust triage filter, that can help you to increase your local system resilience, through reduced activity across a number of key services such as:

  • Hospital Admission avoidance teams.

  • Ambulance services

  • Community & District nursing teams

  • In & Out of hours GP services

  • Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centres

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