The ongoing service and support that Immedicare provides is a key element of our world-class telemedicine provision.

Our people are key to this commitment, and are subject to demanding selection, training and review programmes – before we then equip them with the best tools and telehealth management processes.

Video Helpdesk

Teleconsultations, using high quality video links, are at the heart of clinical service delivery using telemedicine. Our video helpdesk is the embodiment of our customer support commitment, so that you experience optimum service reliability, quality and performance.

Our video/audio test line service enables you to test your equipment before important meetings and teleconsultations. Face to face testing can be scheduled with one of our technical support engineers.

Immedicare’s video helpdesk ensures the proactive monitoring and maintenance of our entire video network. Our support expertise and focus result in faster fault resolution, and better end user experiences.

Real Time Reporting

We understand how important it is for you to be able to gauge and report on telemedicine system performance.

To facilitate this we provide real time management and detailed reporting on call volumes and teleconsultations over pre-determined time periods. Our service includes graphical monitoring of the entire video network, and a consolidated list of open tickets, with links to recommended fixes, plus event notification alerts so that any service issues can be swiftly addressed.

Engineering Cover

Immedicare also provides flexible onsite engineering cover. This can be based on 72, 48, 24 or 4 hour response times, depending on your business needs.

Meet Your Objectives

Whatever your individual telemedicine project requirements, we’ll equip you with a service contract that delivers against all of your project’s key performance indicators. By constantly monitoring them in real time, we’ll ensure you receive the highest levels of support.

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