Reducing A&E Admissions UK – Reducing Ambulance Conveyances across the UK

As an Immedicare engineer, the main part of my job is to survey and install the telemedicine service throughout care homes in the UK. The survey will include testing the home’s WiFi, and seeing if the home needs a 4G solution with a sim card, and then we will provide the care home with a laptop which is used to connect with the nurses at our digital hub.

It’s important for me to answer any technical questions the care home staff may have, and give demos to ensure the staff feel confident using telemedicine. We understand that the service will probably be new to the users, so we do our best to make them feel comfortable using it and reassure them that we’ll be there to resolve any technical issues should they occur, and this includes further visits to the home if necessary.

Meeting the care home staff is great, they always provide us with a good chat and some banter, and sometimes a cup of tea with a biscuit. Quite often the staff like to comment that I look like Jack Whitehall and once even Danny Dyer!!!

My favourite part of the job is the feel-good factor you get knowing you’re providing a service that helps elderly people with their health and provides them with numerous benefits in relation to their healthcare and day to day life. I’m very close to my Grandparents and I can relate to the residents in homes and understand their health issues.

By Liam Barnes, Systems Engineer for Immedicare