Local Authorities

Immedicare’s telemedicine services help local authorities achieve their social care goals, while supporting the vision of integrated working.

Social Care

As providers of adult social care, local authorities need to contract with care home services. Telemedicine services can include high quality video links between local authorities and care homes, delivering the necessary assurance that the right care is provided at the right time.

Integrated Service Approach

Links with care homes are one of many useful applications of telemedicine tools in a social care context.

Telemedicine services have a central role to play as the health and social care sector moves towards more integrated service provision. Crucially, it gives local authorities a visual means of delivering care across all sectors. This might mean undertaking a clinical consultation involving a patient in their own home and an Immedicare nurse based at our telemedicine hub. Other parties that could join the same video consultation might include a GP, social care specialist, interpreter, and so on – facilitating a truly integrated process.

New Insights

Telemedicine services can reap less obvious benefits, too. For instance, a video consultation held with a patient in their own home provides carers with visibility of the home environment – information that simply wouldn’t be available if the patient attended a traditional clinic. Using insights like these, Immedicare’s service has enabled local authorities to identify and provide for wider patient needs such as the requirement for a meals on wheels service.

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