Nursing & Residential Home Managers

It is important for nursing and residential care home managers to be confident in the quality of their care provision. Part of that confidence stems from the knowledge that care staff are sufficiently supported when residents are unwell or have sustained an injury.

“A very good service. It made me feel confident within my job so I could do the best I can for our residents. This service takes the pressure off us as we have access quickly to a health professional…”

Eliminate Unnecessary Hospital Visits

With Immedicare’s telemedicine hub, care staff know that they have expert clinical support available – immediately. Immedicare will arrange for other support services as required, eliminating unnecessary trips to hospital and keeping residents in their favored, familiar surroundings.

Reducing the need for hospital visits also reduces the requirement for patient escorts, saving the associated staff time and travel costs. Telemedicine renders patient visits to hospital necessary only when it is not safe to care for them in the home.

“The Doctor was fantastic when one of our dementia patients fell and hurt herself. I would have called an ambulance and she would have endured an ED visit which would have terrified her. Our consultant saved her from this and reassured me that the cut was superficial and she was fine…”

Telemedicine enhances the service offering of nursing and residential homes, as managers can assure residents’ families and carers that there is 24/7 access to the clinical team. We also know from residential care home team feedback, that carers value the security of knowing that expert clinical opinion is available at any time.

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