Patients & Carers

For patients and their carers, any delay in access to clinical support generates significant anxiety: telemedicine services are a powerful way to counter this.

With Immedicare’s services, initial clinical support is available without delay. This not only reduces anxiety, it can promote treatment adjustments that improve patients’ clinical conditions. It also means that when travel is physically or financially difficult for patients, the clinical team can be taken in to their home environment, with obvious benefit.

“The telemedicine Hub came into its own last winter when snow and ice brought traffic to a halt. My Husband’s condition deteriorated suddenly, and having visual, instant contact with the team was very reassuring. A wonderful service.”

Important Questions

In hospital based consultations, patients can feel disempowered and find it difficult to ask the questions that are important to them. Using telemedicine tools to bring clinicians into a patient’s home eases these concerns, gives the patient more confidence, and facilitates more thorough discussion.

Equally, telemedicine can transform the experience of carers in difficult situations, such as managing the care of a loved one in an end of life situation. Immediate, 24/7 access to clinical support can make it possible for a patient to remain in their preferred place of care, rather than being admitted to an acute hospital bed.

Immedicare’s telemedicine hub team has extensive knowledge and experience in patient consultations, whether the patient is in their own home or a care setting. The benefit is that patients are in their preferred environment, and the clinical team gets a fuller picture of where the patient lives.

“Telemedicine became our lifeline – what a wonderful piece of equipment!”

Immediate Access

Telemedicine can give patients immediate access to a senior nurse for health advice and support, 24/7. Patients can contact Immedicare’s telemedicine service as many times as necessary, whether that’s when they feel unwell or are recovering from illness or injury.

This access increases patients’ confidence in managing their own conditions, with the added reassurance of knowing that they can also be clinically assessed immediately. When needed, patients can be reviewed by a consultant, and Immedicare’s service will also arrange for the appropriate health professional to visit patients to review their care provision.

“Talking in this way makes me feel I am being treated as a person with a life beyond my condition – not just an illness with a patient attached. It makes a huge difference to how I feel about my condition and therefore about myself.”

Telemedicine can also be used to support patients who need to maintain a link with a hospital following discharge. This gives them a contact point if they become unwell again, or need to check their discharge or medication arrangements.

Carers Need Support, Too

Whether their role is to look after a family member, friend, service users or residents in care home settings, carers need support, too. Telemedicine means this support can be provided 24/7.

In our experience, having access to immediate clinical advice can be invaluable for carers, increasing their confidence in managing patient care. Carers engage with Immedicare’s clinical team to plan care, and their involvement in assessing, implementing and evaluating care enhances their knowledge and skills.

“At the press of a button we could have face-to-face contact with a medical team, which is so important for both a patient and carer, and that helped to keep John’s spirits high…”

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