Nursing and Community Nursing Teams

Telemedicine assists nurses working in a wide range of roles and environments.

Community Nurses

Immedicare’s telemedicine service provides instant clinical support and assurance for community nurses. When visiting a patient in any setting, they are able to link directly and discuss ongoing care needs with the nursing sister based at our telemedicine hub facility.

With telemedicine, community nurses can rest assured that the patient can be effectively monitored and cared for – with the necessary clinical support always available to carers through Immedicare’s experienced team. This aids their role of safety netting the patient, while avoiding unnecessary ED attendance or hospital admission.

When admission or ED attendance is being considered, nurses can contact Immedicare’s clinical team: it may be possible to support the patient remotely via the telemedicine video link, instead. Community nurses also have access to the acute physician on the acute medical unit, and can arrange a review with a specialist physician if required.

District Nurses

Our telemedicine services are regularly used by district nurses, both in care home settings and in patients’ own homes. Often this is to get advice from the senior nurses in the hub, and to devise a patient care plan.

Out of hours district nurses cover a wide area, and have a large caseload. Telemedicine services can aid workload management, and Immedicare’s telemedicine hub nurses can follow-up on patients on behalf of the district nurse.

The facility also affords access to acute physicians, and the on-call consultant for the acute assessment unit. Advice can be sought from the tissue viability nurse, with wound care being a large bulk of the district nurse caseload.

Immedicare also provides 24 hour access to a palliative care consultant, to offer advice and support to nurses, patients and their carers. Making specialist consultants available through telemedicine enhances the levels of patient care that can be provided.

Secondary Care Nurses

Telemedicine enables secondary care nurses to review patients remotely via video link, reducing the need for staff travel to patients’ homes – or for patients to attend hospital based consultations.

Teleconsultation can enable early supported discharge, with the secondary care clinical team completing a virtual ward round via video. Alternatively the telemedicine hub clinical team can support patients in their own home with a care plan on discharge.

Immedicare’s clinical team can maintain regular contact with patients via a video link. Should a patient’s condition deteriorate, care can be quickly escalated to the clinical nurse specialist, or consultant, as set out in the care plan. The patient can then be fully reviewed, and their care plan adjusted as necessary.

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