When finances are tight yet service demand is rapidly growing, healthcare system capacity management is key. Few approaches offer more potential that telemedicine to help to address this challenging scenario.

Immedicare’s telemedicine services include the deployment of video consultation capabilities. This is a very effective way to control patient flow through the healthcare system, empowering managers to re-balance financial pressures while continuing to deliver very high quality care, and improved patient outcomes.

Improve Capacity and Repatriate Activity

By helping to reduce hospital attendance and admissions, telemedicine releases capacity that can then be re-purposed as appropriate. Deploying telemedicine approaches also demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to the use of cutting edge healthcare innovation and transformation. It also opens opportunities to repatriate activity that currently has to be transferred into tertiary centres, due to the need to access specialist opinion and services.

New Ways of Working

Telemedicine brings with it opportunities to work in different ways, while the use of tools such as video consultation in itself supports staff professional development in the use of technology. As an example of an opportunity for new working practice, clinicians currently delivering traditional outpatient clinics can employ telemedicine tools to introduce a mix of physical and video based face to face patient consultations.

Care in the Community

Telemedicine services makes sense from multiple perspectives. By connecting clinical teams across differing locations, it drives more integrated working and improved access to specialist clinical advice. And as an approach, it also clearly aligns with the Department of Health vision of delivering care in the community.

Telemedicine makes it possible to deliver care in the most convenient and accessible locations for patients, and to support those people who need to remain at home. This reduces the number of patient journeys made by public transport, using personal transport, and via ambulance services. As well as improving the patient experience and promoting clinical efficiency, it creates financial savings and contributes greatly to the government target of reducing the carbon footprint of the NHS by 15%.

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