Telemedicine is highly applicable to primary care settings, as many GP/patient consultations do not require ‘hands on’ examination in order to safely determine the next steps in a patient’s care.

Using Immedicare’s telemedicine tools, GPs can carry out consultations effectively without bringing patients into their surgeries. This reduces the administrative burden for the practice, and improves the patient experience by taking the service to them.

Reduce the Need for Travel

In multiple occupancy care settings such as care homes, demand for GPs to visit can be frequent – sometimes as often as several times a day. Telemedicine services can replace the need for travel to care homes in up to 70% of cases, and staff confidence is improved by knowing that a clinical opinion will be available at short notice.

Prevent Costly Admissions

Perhaps because of the confidence our telemedicine service instils, we have consistently seen that patients and carers do NOT use the service inappropriately.

When a specialist opinion is needed, the ability to consult immediately means that in many cases, disease exacerbation’s can be ‘nipped in the bud’. This prevents what might otherwise have developed into a costly, unplanned hospital admission or emergency department attendance. This approach using telemedicine also attracts DES payments for the practice.

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