Community Geriatrics

In caring for older, frail individuals, well coordinated and timely support packages are needed. To deliver effective community geriatrics support, multi-professional healthcare teams need the ability to collaborate effectively: Immedicare’s telemedicine service is the perfect way to facilitate this.

Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

On offer is the ability of patients to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible – with the accompanying benefits for them, their families, and the wider healthcare system. Input from consultant physicians specialising in the care of older people is vital. However the reality is that it can be difficult to bring geographically distributed team members together to discuss and plan individual patients’ care.

Telemedicine tools allow professionals at numerous, different locations to come together in a multi-way video call, where they can share clinical information and agree treatment plans. This also makes rapid access to specialist medical opinion possible, which can be the difference between the need for a hospital admission, versus continued care at a patient’s home.

Eliminate the Need for Travel

With Immedicare’s service, care team members can use portable teleconsultation equipment to allow clinicians to see and speak with the patient and their family from remote locations. It means that care management decisions and advice can be based on the most up to date information possible, without the need for either party to travel. This is better for the patient, and a more efficient way of delivering clinical care.

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