Traditional commissioning plans are typically founded on existing services, with limited scope to explore alternative approaches or sources of provision. Immedicare’s telemedicine services break this pattern, opening up new opportunities.

By its very nature, telemedicine is independent of the physical location of the care giver. Deploying telemedicine at scale allows commissioners to:

  • Enter into dialogue with new providers
  • Reduce patient transfer costs in instances where specialist support is required from services in distant locations
  • Achieve financial savings by reducing the need for local hospital based care, in high volume areas of clinical activity
  • Reduce total commissioner spend

Service Integration Opportunity

The use of video consultations and other telemedicine solutions also promotes service integration across locations. Commissioners gain the opportunity to create truly integrated services across primary, secondary, social care and the voluntary sector.

As healthcare providers face increasing demand for services, and growing pressures on emergency departments and urgent care, telemedicine is a critical part of the solution. It enables patients to be cared for in their own homes and care settings, avoiding hospital attendance wherever safe and practical. With Immedicare’s services, commissioners can facilitate the right care at the right time, spreading capacity, and reducing the costs of ambulance journeys and hospital dominated care.

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