Changing the Way Clinicians Work

Telemedicine services promise game changing capabilities for healthcare providers.

To ensure a high quality, time sensitive, scalable telemedicine service that doesn’t require the commissioning organisation to employ additional staff, an effective approach to managed clinical services is essential. Close collaboration between clinical and technical teams is a pre-requisite for the rapid deployment of new telemedicine services that meet all expected project parameters.

Delivering the Benefits

Advanced videoconferencing capabilities are at the heart of telemedicine service effectiveness. It’s fundamental that video calls can be made reliably – with high quality audio and visual performance.

Anyone using ‘free to consumer’ video conferencing offerings will have experienced low quality calls that are prone to unexpected failure. In a clinical context, this would clearly be unacceptable – life itself can depend on the quality and reliability of your videoconferencing facilities.

Clinical Expertise Meets Technical Expertise: Immedicare

At Immedicare we understand this. Our specialist staff bring extensive experience – both clinical and technical – and are expert in the use of video over both the internet and the NHS secure network, N3. These experts also manage a fully resilient technical infrastructure, and ensure the security of network traffic via encryption.

Extending the value of telemedicine services requires more locations to be equipped with videoconferencing and other facilities. Immedicare’s managed services ensure that the installation and setup of these systems in new locations goes to plan.

Ongoing Support

It’s important for commissioners and users of telemedicine services to know that top quality, ongoing specialist support will be readily available. Immedicare provides this via a fully staffed technical and clinical support service, which operates 24/7.

The support service can resolve any problems rapidly. Immedicare has a nationwide network of engineers available to deliver on-site support where necessary, within an established service level agreement timeframe.

At a clinical level, Immedicare’s telemedicine hub performance is well proven. We can support the care of your patients – liaising as necessary with on the ground teams – where local clinicians do not wish to deliver telemedicine based services themselves.

Refined Deployment

In recent years Immedicare has refined its deployment and patient/staff training approaches to streamline the go-live process. We’ve proven our ability to quickly deploy telemedicine services to large numbers of new sites in a short time frame.

When the service has been commissioned for an individual, we know that any installation delay would impact optimal patient care, and erode confidence in the approach from both patients and clinicians. This issue has been widely acknowledged as a key barrier to the scaling of telemedicine services.

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