Service Benefits

How Immedicare can support you:


For the avoidance of ambulance conveyances where only a minor injury has been sustained in line with our clinical fall’s pathway.  This pathway includes the support of care home staff alongside our video assessment to provide continuous monitoring of the resident.

With 40% of admissions in care homes relating to falls related incidents, and with 80% of Falls related calls that we handle resulting in the resident staying in their place of residence, we believe that a substantial ROI based on falls related calls alone could easily be realised using our service.

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The information that we have used to calculate these potential savings are based on data collected from published sources, shown below:

*Average Falls related data formed using national FOI request to CCG’s undertaken by Involve in July 19 in conjunction with: BMJ Reducing falls in a care home. BMJ Open Quality 2017 – One in three people over the age of 65 and one in two over the age of 85 fall every year. These odds are shortened for care home residents who are three times more likely to fall than their community-dwelling peers and 10 times more likely to sustain a significant injury as a result. 40% of care home admissions are falls-related.

*Care Home admission data formed as part of a national FOI request undertaken in July 2019 by Involve.

*Hospital NEL average admission cost data formed as part of a national FOI request undertaken in July 2019 by Involve.

*Ambulance Conveyance cost taken from: Healthwatch report 2017 – A survey of London Ambulance Service (LAS)

Acute and Urgent Conditions

For the avoidance of unnecessary calls to 111, 999, out of hours GP and community teams for conditions such as; UTIs, chest infections, skin complaints and other urgent conditions.

Out of Hours Support

For the avoidance of unnecessary calls to out of hours GP's and community teams

Early Supported Discharge

By providing a virtual consultation we can help with the avoidance of long stays in hospital whilst awaiting discharge assessment from a care home team. We can also support with regular follow up calls by the Immedicare clinical team

Virtual Training

For the avoidance of long journeys and associated costs to training and educational sessions, which can be delivered in real time to care home staff using the Immedicare equipment