Our Commitment

High quality video link-based teleconsultations are critical for effective clinical service delivery using telemedicine. It’s also vital that healthcare stakeholders have absolute confidence in the demonstrable quality, reliability and performance of telemedicine services.

Immedicare is committed to the exceptional post-sales service standards that underpin your investment. Our suite of specialist video helpdesk services mean you will experience world-class telemedicine performance: and if a problem does arise, it will be resolved quickly.

Proactive Support and Management

Our video helpdesk drives the proactive monitoring and maintenance of the entire video network. Immedicare’s support expertise and focus result in better end user experiences.

Call Monitoring and Reporting

To enable effective performance monitoring, we provide real time management and detailed, time-based reporting on teleconsultations and call volumes. This includes graphical monitoring of the entire video network, a consolidated list of open support tickets with links to recommended fixes, and event notification alerts so that any service problems are swiftly identified and addressed.

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