Establish a Telemedicine-Ready Network

Positive end-user experiences are fundamental to a successful telemedicine strategy. To achieve this, telemedicine technology requires a solid network base.

Telemedicine  technologies are often ‘bandwidth hungry’ – they put high loads on your network. But this infrastructure must simultaneously support existing business critical systems, too. Clearly, having a robust and scalable network is essential.

We Can Help

Immedicare can help you to design, build and implement a resilient, future proof, telemedicine-ready network. We can, for instance:

  • Undertake a feasibility study, assessing your existing network, dependencies, configuration and landscape.
  • Evaluate the ability of your organisation’s network infrastructure to support telemedicine technologies alongside your current business systems.
  • Create a network requirements specification, addressing: future dependencies; network growth; capacity planning; and bandwidth availability.
  • Provide a network risk assessment for telemedicine solution deployment.
  • Recommend ways to improve network performance.
  • Design a network ‘roadmap’ to support the delivery of a given telemedicine strategy.

Discuss Your Needs

Contact us for an informal discussion of how to maximise network performance, reduce risk and lower the total cost of telemedicine solutions ownership.

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