Our Telemedicine Services

Immedicare is a leading provider of video-enabled healthcare services, delivered into care homes across the UK from our digital care hub

Using our proactive engagement approach, and close integration with a local service provider, Immedicare has been shown to:

Reduce ambulance
conveyances and A&E
attendance rates
Reduce acute
hospital admissions
Reduce both in
and out of hours
GP visits

The hub is staffed by a highly-skilled multidisciplinary clinical team from a range of specialist fields including; urgent, emergency, community and end of life care. Our multi-skilled workforce is able to use their expertise across many services and respond to peak demand, both in and out of hours.

With full access to individuals’ electronic care records, this allows them to provide comprehensive clinical assessments, guidance on condition management, and ongoing monitoring.

All calls are answered by our team of clinical assistants who are supported by our highly skilled clinical team of registered health care professionals, ensuring patients receive an assessment and any advice they may need immediately.

This ensures a smoother pathway of care and better patient experience, delivering the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

telemedicine services

Our service provides a robust triage filter, that can help you to increase your local system resilience, through reduced activity across a number of key services such as:

Ambulance services
Hospital admission
avoidance teams
In & out of hours
GP Services
Community & district
nursing teams
Emergency departments
and urgent care centres

Here at Immedicare, we are passionate about high quality, safe video-enabled patient care and the value this brings to our patients, their carers families, clinical healthcare professionals, service providers, and commissioners. In short, we believe that delivering clinical services like telemedicine in this way can offer truly transformative benefits for everyone involved.

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Key Service Features


  • Immediate access to a highly skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary clinical team of registered healthcare professionals with a range of expertise including; urgent, emergency, community and end of life care.
  • 24/7/365 service availability
  • Safe, secure and fully IG compliant service delivery model
  • Access to patients electronic primary care record
  • Access to local Directory of Services (DOS)
  • High Definition (HD) Video enabled device provided
  • Connect via an existing internet connection or via 4/5G
  • Installation, training and ongoing relationship management provided
  • Flexible managed service options available
  • Established procurement frameworks in place to simplify purchase of the service
Telemedicine service