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NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG Case Study

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NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG are responsible for planning, buying and monitoring health services in Bradford district and Craven. Despite not being the lead commissioner for care homes in the area, they work in partnership with local authority colleagues who are. The Immedicare clinical service has been in place across the CCG care home footprint since 2014, but at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they agreed to recommission Immedicare across all care homes.

Louise Keighley, Senior Head of Strategy, Change and Delivery and Anna Smith, Senior Commissioning Officer at NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG discuss the use of Immedicare by the CCH: “The challenges of the pandemic presented specific issues that we felt we could address because of implementation of Immedicare in all our Care Homes. Immedicare reduced the need for clinical staff to visit Care Homes, creating opportunities for virtual reviews and training to be undertaken thought use of the technology. We agreed to re-commission this service across all our Care Homes as this would provide the opportunity for increased remote consultation at a time when it was most needed. This supported remote clinical reviews to be undertaken, reducing the risk of unnecessary transmission of Covid.”

The CCG believes that Immedicare has a profound impact on the wider health and care system. Following a recent review of the service in Braford and Craven, it was found that using Immedicare potentially reduces demand on primary care, which could impact favourably on GP access. The CCG commented: “A significant proportion of calls to Immedicare from our Care Homes relate to people who have fallen and most of these fall cases are managed by the service and closed without any onward referral. This is a huge positive as it supports keeping people in their home and not requiring any additional intervention.”

“The Care Homes that use Immedicare regularly seem to really value the service as the first point of contact as they receive a timely response without having to contact anyone else, which enables Care Homes to feel more confidence in managing their resident’s needs” says Louise and Anna. “Some nursing homes with trained clinical staff have said that they value being able to contact Immedicare as a second clinical opinion to confirm their own judgement.”

When asked about the quality of data, communication, and engagement from Immedicare, Louise and Anna responded: “we have been working closely with the service for the last year and receive regular reports regarding service usage, these are always of a high standard and contain the level of information required. I feel I have good relationships with all the team that I work with; they are approachable, professional, and willing to support.”