A Day in the Life of an Immedicare Project Manager

Oct 17, 2017

No two days are ever the same! I look after the installation of the Immedicare technical solution into care homes across a range of projects. I work closely with a team of Project Administrators to ensure that the telemedicine kit is at the home ready for the Engineer to install at the agreed time and place. There are always logistical challenges to overcome but as a team we all pull together to ensure as smooth a delivery as possible.

Part of my day involves the usual emails, telephone calls, reports and meetings but it is all part of the job and a way of communicating to colleagues and clients on progress made and any challenges along the way. The technical installation of the telemedicine service is part of a timeline of Implementation. This starts from receipt of a client contract through to completion of installations on all homes on the project.


However, it doesn’t stop there as full support of that project from technical support to user support continues throughout the life of the project involving several teams within Immedicare. I am proud to be a part of that process to ensure that all residents receive the best care possible supported by Immedicare in partnership with their care home.

I try to find ways to improve our processes to make sure we deliver the best service possible. This part of my job can take up quite a bit of time but it’s wonderful to work together with an enthusiastic team to improve the workflow and to please our clients. It’s nice to know from homes that Immedicare is a real support for them and this is such a boost!

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