A Day in the life of a Relationship Manager

By 28th September 2017 No Comments

Written by Tracy Williamson-Graff, Immedicare Relationship Manager

Being on the road and visiting new people every day is what I love about my job. I visit care homes to support them and make sure their voice is heard. I’ll talk to them about their experience using Immedicare, provide any training they may need, support any IT queries, and, generally assist them to use telemedicine effectively.

I’ll talk to the care home about any 999 calls they’ve made, and see if calling the Airedale Digital Hub could have helped in that situation. Reducing the amount of visits to GPs and A&E is one of the most important benefits of using telemedicine effectively, so we make sure that the staff at the home know when to use Immedicare instead of calling 999.

Every care home is different. There is always a lovely smell of breakfast or dinner in the air when I arrive (which is not great for my diet!!). The home reception areas are littered with photos of the residents, their paintings and artwork, and even awards residents have received.


While chatting to the home managers, they are often interrupted by a resident wandering in, such as one example- Ethel*. Ethel stood for a second and asked “what should I do now?” to the manager, who softly responded “have a seat in a comfy chair Ethel and I’ll be with you in a minute”, so Ethel went off to sit down. The manager then turned to me and said that the lady has dementia and believes she works at the home. As part of her care package, the family have asked to let her believe she is an employee- they have even changed the sign on Ethel’s bedroom door to “Office”.

Its little moments like this that make my day!

*Ethel is not the residents real name.