Telemedicine Helping Care Homes through Winter

Oct 26, 2017

Elderly people are especially vulnerable during winter for multiple reasons. During the colder months they are much more susceptible to certain ailments, such as the flu and common colds, which can develop into more serious illnesses.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that hospitals feel the strain of these extra patients during winter. In fact, the Belfast Telegraph states that the health service reports that the winter of 2016/2017 was the worst on record for emergency patients, with nearly 200,000 people waiting at least 4 hours at A&E.

It’s important to help residents in care homes avoid these tiresome and sometimes distressing trips to hospital, which can involve a long journey and possibly a long wait. By using Immedicare, it may allow residents to be treated in the comfort of their own room, helping them avoid the associated risks of a journey to hospital- exposure to the cold and contagion.

A care home manager from Maghull, discusses the use of Immedicare in their care home:

“Hospital admissions from the home are down 44%, we save hours of time on every call we make. What could be a several-hour, half-day trip to hospital can now be resolved using Immedicare in a matter of minutes.”

care homes winter

We urge care homes to use Immedicare whenever possible during winter, to reduce the pressures on hospitals and GP’s, and to give patients high quality care as quickly as possible in their own homes.


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