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Hambleton Grange Care Home Case Study

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Reducing GP visits – Reducing GP visits in the UK

Hambleton Grange is a 50 bedroom Care Home in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, for older people with care needs, specialising in dementia care.

The care home decided to implement Immedicare to assist staff, especially the night staff, in making medical decisions and to reduce the number of avoidable hospital visits. “Previous to using telemedicine, if we needed medical advice for a resident during the night we would have to ring the out of hours number for a GP call back, this could take up to 4 hours and sometimes even longer” said the Deputy Manager of the home.

They expanded on problems the home faced prior to Immedicare; “we wanted to reduce the number of unnecessary hospital visits, as sometimes we face a long wait for an ambulance and then a one-hour journey to the hospital. These trips can be stressful for the resident”.

To implement Immedicare, one of our qualified engineers visits the home to install Immedicare and provide training. We then provide ongoing support.

“At first, I was a little apprehensive about using telemedicine as I was worried it would go wrong and thought it would be confusing. As soon as I was shown how to use it I realised how very easy it is to use” she said.

The Deputy Manager told us about the situations in which Immedicare has been beneficial to the care home’s staff and residents. “Instead of having to wait hours for a GP call back, we can now see a nurse instantly who will look at the resident and decide on what care is best for them. If the resident does need to go to the hospital after we’ve spoken to the hub, we are put at ease by the fact we know they are going to hospital for the right reason. Furthermore, if the resident does need to go to hospital, the nurses at the hub will arrange the ambulance for us and even pass on the observations, which makes the situation easier for our staff”.

“Using Immedicare has been especially useful if one of our residents has a fall, we can gain a second opinion and be reassured hospital admission is the right choice. Previously we would have had to wait for someone to come out and look at the resident, but now it can be done instantly over video call which is a relief. In one case, one of our residents was quite unwell so we called the hub, who diagnosed her with a chest infection and prescribed her antibiotics over the call. Before Immedicare, this resident would have faced a trip to hospital.”

“Immedicare has improved our care home by reducing the number of hospital visits and allowing our residents to be seen by a nurse instantly, therefore getting the right care for the patient quicker than before. We’re looking at having more of our staff trained on how to use telemedicine, so we can increase our use of the service as the staff who use it find it a very useful resource to have.”