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Benkhill Lodge Case Study

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Benkhill Lodge is set on a quiet residential street in the Bedale area of North Yorkshire. Their team offers residential care to those over 65 – years of age and took on Immedicare technology to provide better health care to their occupants.

We spoke to Mrs Angela Austin, Registered Care Home Manager at Benkhill Lodge to see if Immedicare has changed the way they care for their residents.

“Being a residential care home without our own clinically trained nursing staff, we found that we often have to call out a GP for minor ailments – just to be sure. This can take a while and residents sometimes feel like they’re causing a fuss and don’t want someone coming out to see them. We were initially recommended Immedicare by another Care Home Manager. After getting in touch, an Immedicare representative came down and gave us a demonstration; the benefits were instantly recognisable, and the integration process was smooth. Some of the staff were concerned about learning to use the new technology but were reassured once everything was explained and they got a chance to try it, the interface is very easy to use.”

Medical Phone Services for Carehomes

We also asked, has Immedicare changed how the care home works? 

“Well, the biggest change has been the speed at which we can deal with most health concerns – whereas, before the system, we would have to call out a GP for any minor worry. Now, we can call up the Digital Care Hub and speak to an expert within minutes. We explain and demonstrate our concerns using video technology. For less urgent cases, the Nurses will prescribe creams and medication right there and then. With anything deemed more serious, the clinically trained staff at Immedicare can instruct if our resident needs to see a GP or a District nurse. It’s reassuring for the staff to know that we can call Immedicare for advice when we have any concerns about our residents or their medication, our staff feel reassured knowing that they can call and speak to a professional if they need advice.”

“The residents have all taken to the new system, they think it’s marvellous to be able to get advice so quickly, even those who don’t quite understand how it works and initially thought it was funny to talk to a computer screen have all been able to engage with the nurse at the other end and been happy to take on the advice given.”

Angela highlighted one specific case where Immedicare technology was crucial “On one occasion we called Immedicare as we were concerned about a certain resident. The nurse recognised the symptoms of Pneumonia at once and called for an emergency ambulance, the resident was admitted to hospital and successfully treated with antibiotics.”

“Overall, bringing Immedicare into the home has definitely improved our service, staff are more confident, residents are comfortable using it as everyone knows they can get expert advice at any time with no notice, and most importantly – their health is better protected.”

“We would definitely recommend Immedicare to any home considering integrating technology into their service.”