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Leading the Way in Telemedicine Services

Immedicare is a world-class provider of clinical healthcare services, delivered via telemedicine. Through our digital care hub, we support, advise and connect patients, carers, nurses and clinicians across a full range of healthcare specialties and clinical needs.

A Unique Partnership

Immedicare’s founding partners are Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Involve.

Both organisations have been at the forefront of the Immedicare service development over the last decade, so we understand exactly what it takes to deliver telemedicine services successfully to you and your patients.

Immedicare offers you a unique combination of unrivalled clinical expertise, in-depth knowledge of healthcare challenges, and the best technical design, delivery and support available today.

We carefully select solution partners to provide our customers with instant access to a series of innovative, high quality and expertly supported technology products.

Immedicare’s Digital Health Hub

Immedicare’s wide ranging telemedicine services include our digital health hub, which operates on a 24/7/365 basis. The digital health hub enables clinicians and others involved in healthcare provision to respond to and assist patients remotely in real-time, via the use of video-based teleconsultation technologies.

Delivering clinical services through Immedicare may involve being connected to:

  • A patient’s private home
  • Nursing homes
  • Residential care homes
  • Hospices
  • GP surgeries
  • Prisons

Who Immedicare Helps

The Immedicare service approaches are particularly appropriate for patients with long-term conditions, as well as elderly patients who have limited mobility. These patients often experience multiple hospital admissions each year, and are subject to regular routine outpatient and follow up reviews.

Our Immedicare solutions can reduce hospital and emergency department admissions, enable early discharge, and move us forward from the unsustainable current model of hospital based outpatient and follow up review.

Healthier Health Services

At Immedicare we’re passionate about the value of telemedicine – to patients, their carers and families, clinical healthcare professionals, service providers and commissioners. In short, we believe that delivering clinical services through the use of telemedicine offers transformative benefits for everyone involved.

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